november 2020 playlist

welcome to november people,
out of obligation let's acknowledge that holy shit where did the year go??? and move on to more important ME. that's right ME. things with me are good. probably better than when i last posted one of these a fucking year ago leading up to the release of my song lonely. dear god...a whole year. a lot has happened in a year, all of which has been well documented on instagram so need to recap, but i will say, I'm definitely a lot better than i was a year ago. you know how you look back at a time on your life, and things were good, but you didn't know how much better they could be? that's pretty the story. lonely was uber successful (relatively, 30K streams in 2 weeks because of all the listening you guys did triggered spotify to promote the fuck out me? big win), and creatively i was thriving, but a year of studying and practicing ancient philosophy, journaling, therapy, meditating, and all that good stuff, i am just now beginning to realize that i didn't even know back then how much room for growth there actually was within me.
good for me. good job cody t.
so...obviously there's a reason playlists are back. one of the biggest changes in my life this year was detaching from my phone in very serious strides. i am not going to write a lot about this because everyone knows the same shit spiel everyone posts when they post about not being on facebook anymore BUT there should be some context here. i spent many years addicted to it because of the age i was when social media and technology changed everyones brains simultaneously, and in more recent years for my job which is partially being an instagrammer (too lazy to articulate that better because i hate using that as a job title, but whatever). when i do something, i do it all the way, so i was constantly on my phone dming people back, doing comments, posting things...all that. so i read Digital Minimalism and made a sharp adjustment to my lifestyle and deleted all my social apps, decided i wasn't going to be on them much outside of work, and even at work i wanted a break from it i did and really had no problems with it, which was very nice. now, as i'm finding healthy ways to integrate my internet presence back into my life healthily because i really do fucking love the internet and how it brings us together. now that i'm fortunate enough to be in a place in my life where i have room on my plate for my music career, i'm doing it exactly how i want to, and how i used to. building it one person at a time and caring more about just connecting with cool people than actually selling music or merch or any of that shit that i dont care about lol. my playlists are my favorite way to do that. i started out doing them in 2015 and would e-mail them to my 10 friends who cared enough to ask for it, and when i made my first one in 4 years, almost 1000 people read my last letter and listened to my playlist.
it makes me fucking overjoyed that it happened because i don't really think about or edit these letters. i just type and only correct basic grammar and spelling because i think our connection to music is so natural it doesn't need to be bullshitted upon. so when you're reading all this and listening to the songs it's basically a direct connect to my brain and heart, which is what i'm trying to offer here.
without further ado (i'll talk about music and other exciting stuff soon, for now i just want to journal about these songs), here is a collection of songs i've been listening to incessantly and a few from 2002 because i found this playlist of hits from that year and for some reason i was hyper music cognizant that year and basically can time travel back to memories that were locked up when i listen to them. they come with anecdotes and stories of how i found them, how they make me feel, and just words from me in general. for additional context, it's 8am on a Wednesday morning, it's 58 degrees outside, and i'm writing this in my vineyard vines moccasins on my rocking chair out on my porch.
i love you guys and if you like this playlist just let know. i love doing them and love hearing how you connect with these songs and what your attachments are too :-) so, lets dive in

seriously just stop (loote remix) - somegirlnamesanna
For a minute I was kinda into you Yeah, it was what it was, sense of humor C- But at least the sex was B+
okay this feels like the perfect kick off. somegirlnamedanna got put on my release radar because loote did the remix (my fav elec pop group). this is one of the best hooks i've heard all year. it's so fucking catchy and all the layered vocals in it are so good. the other thing that stuck with me so hard is her lyrics. my favorite kind of lyrics are the ones like this that are so naturally conversational and diary-esque. please listen to this entire EP (it's like 20 mins total, and give her a follow on insta!!). the original version is just as fucking good, and is more or less the same just stripped down and i honestly wasn't sure which to put on here. i'll add that version to end of the playlist for you to decide (dm me which u like better)
i fucking love R5, i love the Lynch family, I love austin and ally, i love teen beach movie, and i fucking love Ross and Rocky Lynch as the driver era. they basically takes over my entire life a month at a time, then i'll spend a month listening to some new music, and then be sucked right back into only listening to them every second of my free time. i'm telling you the truth, i've streamed Afterglow by them over 1000 times in the last 18 months. at least. they're the coolest fucking indie band right now. they always have a fat bass guitar driving their songs (i just bought one that gets delivered tomorrow and this is the first song i'm gonna play on it), Ross sounds better than he EVER has on this album and does the coolest things with his voice on these records. they're fucking perfect and this song is perfect, that's all there is to say about it.
kiss kiss - machine gun kelly
here are the facts: i did NOT like machine gun kelly every in my life. when he beefed with g-eazy and eminem and uncle gerald literally bodied harder than any other white rapper in history, i was so happy. i really disliked that man and his whole shtick. however, with Tickets to my Downfall my least favorite rapper ended up making a truly phenomenal 2000s emo pop punk album with the lyrical subject matter of a 2020 emo rapper. it was hard to whittle this down to one song because this record is so fucking good. i'm listening to this record more than any other on here currently
my ranking:
  1. kiss kiss
  2. my bloody valentine (that guitar pulled right from the cure/blink 182
  3. forget me (we need an entire pop punk halsey record period)
  4. my exs best friends
  5. jawbreaker
Dilemma - Nelly + Kelly Rowland
"even when i'm with my boo, you know i'm crazy over you" - what the fuck lol
lmfao okay this is on here half because it literally takes me back to 5th grade, being driven around Queens NY in the back of my girlfriends moms (lmao) minivan who broke up with me in 6th grade when i moved to new york and then started doing a ton of coke and got pregnant in high school and half because i tweeted this and im still fucking laughing about it. as mentioned above i found this rad playlist of 2002 hits. that was the summer i was moving from elementary to middle school and from NY to Florida, and i guess the year i became super aware of music finally lol. this song takes me back to 5th grade and middle school dances, hanging out with my friends in the summer...the aforementioned girlfriend Michelle. not only all that but this song is just fucking outrageous
Pathetic - Seaway
i wanted to include a song of Seaways new album Big Vibe which is like an 80s classic rock Pop Punk record i think??? it's difficult to categorize which is the intent and what makes it so fucking cool in 2020. i highly recommend bumping this album front to back or at least these songs to see if you will like it:
  1. Big Vibe
  2. Mrs. David
  3. Pathetic
  4. Brain in a Jar
this is another record i've had on 24/7
Life Goes On - Bryce Vine
so bryce wrote this on the day kobe died to comfort himself. i remember me cam and dean were sitting at Kitty O'Sheas all night talking / thinking / reflecting about how tragic and surreal it was. it was all so hard because you see a person like him really getting out there and improving the world for other people. raising good kids. master of his craft. it was a tough reminder of our mortality, which i've started really meditating and thinking about much more this year. i'm not sure what it is about it or how to properly explain it, but this song comforts all the random life consists of. this 5 song EP is so fucking good. strawberry water is my other fav
More Than Friends - Quinn XCII
i'm including my favorite song off the new Quinn XCII album, not because i've been listening to it a lot currently, but because i listened to it at least once every day this summer. i bought it on vinyl and love spinning it. i listened to it every single day all day the 9 days i was out at the cabin through my birthday this year. this album is just fucking perfect. quinn,i would imagine, is in my top 3 most streamed artists of all time and this album must have moved him even further up in the rankings for me. it's perfect. amazing songwriting. this cinematic-retro feel through all the instruments and mixes. this song has my favorite guitar and melodies. A Letter to My Younger Self (also the name of the album) was my hype up song all summer. i can't recommend branching off and listening to this whole album with some headphones and getting lost in your feels
No Such Thing - John Mayer
this is from that 2002 playlist, and the song that sticks out to me the most (aside from the middle by jimmy eat world). i remember this coming on the radio every single morning on the drive in my dads car to the pool club we hung out at every day from memorial day to labor day. i remember driving through queens down marathon parkway for pizza and not at all understanding what the song was about but loving the falsetto in the chorus. it's one of the first times i can remember the chords on a guitar making me feel something viscerally. it's really fucking crazy how music can time travel you back to feelings like that. i hope you remember and love this absolute fucking jammer and gem of john mayers catalog that's not often recognized
One Little Caesar - Secret Secret Dino Club
promoter cant pay but he said he can feed ya, he's got two warm beers and one little caesar
guess what? garlic sauce can't fill the gas tank today, and the local band left right after they played
if you had a myspace, it is likely you've heard of secret secret dino club / jayce levi. he also wrote most of what i consider one of the best albums of all time All the Way by Allstar Weekend. my life peaked the day we met at a show we were playing together (Hollywood Endings final show in New Jersey at iPlay lmfao) and again when we actually became friends. friendship and bias aside, i believe jayce is one of the best (and my favorite) songwriters of my time. i included this song off his new EP rawr, half a tribute to the golden age of myspace and half melancholy journal entries of his time on the road as a smaller touring artist pouring his entire existence into his vision. this song was such a visceral experience and made me cry and i hope you love it how i did. the guitars carrying the track are as perfectly moving as the lyrics. it makes me proud to know you jayce, and everything you've done and do is so inspiring
Lonely - Cody T
just leaving this for anyone new here, especially because this song was intended to be feel like this time of the year
Knives Out! - Nathan Johnson
okay this one is a bit different for a reason. i'm going to start ending every playlist with a bit from a soundtrack i'm listening to. i may have said this before or not, but I don't enjoy working in silence, but also can't work with music that has a voice on it. quite the pickle to be in cody t. so over the last year in mastering myself i learned i work EXTREMELY well to looped soundtracks and small jazz playlists. so for anyone out there who is the same or wants to try it out, i'll have a sample that i love from whatever soundtrack i'm listening to the most at the time. november/december i always listen to Knives Out so much. it's fucking awesome and i play it on my record player. it makes me feel like an evil villain when i play it in the morning and it's still dark out. its beautifully composed by Nathan Johnson (Rian Johnsons brother) who is an extremely multi-talented musician and artist. he also scored Looper, which also has a critically recognized soundtracks and is one of the coolest movies ever ft. Joseph Gordon Leavitt and Bruce Willis .